Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thoughts of the Moment

Hard to believe that I created this blog nearly two and half years ago -- ostensibly to review books but also to practice my writing skills. Every successful writer I've ever tried to learn from has stated the importance of writing every single day to practice the craft. Note from the date of my last post that I've neither reviewed a book, nor written a line here for over 3 months. It's not that I haven't been reading; I just finished the latest novel from Dean Koontz and hope to review it as soon as the trauma wears off. I've also been writing a lot of e-mails lately so hopefully that counts for something.

So what, pray tell, motivated me to compose this post after such a long absence? I just saw on Facebook that my middle daughter has started a blog and after reading her initial entry I thought this is great! Now I can keep up with her and her family and never feel guilty for not calling or visiting again!

You see, recently my wife decided to open her own business and I decided to help. We've both been so busy with the store lately that we've sorely neglected the kids and grandkids. In fact, the last time we stopped in to see our oldest granddaughter, she started crying when we left. At the time I thought it was sweet and extremely touching but now I realize it was because she knew we were never coming back! This has weighed heavily on her grandmother and me but now I'm greatly relieved. With the combination of Facebook, text messages, e-mail, and blogs, we can all communicate effectively and efficiently without ever having to leave the house. Think of how much we'll save on gas. And I'll have even more things to read and write about!

Now the only risk to our newly improved family ties is the broadband going down.

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